Nes Gard is located close to state highway 55, 34 km. from Sogndal.

Alternative ROUTES FROM Oslo

- Route E16 to Hønefoss, state highway 7 to Gol and 52 to Lærdal. Here you will take a ferry from Fodnes - Manheller. From Lærdal the state highway 5 to Sogndal and follow 55 to Nes Gard. Total 345 km.

- Route E16 to Lærdal through the beautiful valley of Valdres and over the mountain pass Filefjell. From Lærdal the state highway 5 to Sogndal and follow 55 to Nes Gard. Total 390 km.

- Route E16 to Fagernes, state highway 51 and 15 to Lom, then highway 55 to Nes Gard. Passing the national park of Jotunheimen and the mountain passes Valdresflya and Sognefjell. This is maybe the most scenic route. Total 435 km.

- Route E6 to Otta, state highway 15 and then route 55 from Lom to Nes Gard. Passing Lillehammer, through Gudbrandsdalen valley and over the mountain pass Sognefjell. Total 435 km.

Alternative ROUTES FROM bergen

- E16 to Lærdal, then state highway 5 and route 55 from Sogndal to Nes Gard. Passing Voss,  Flåm, and the Lærdal tunnel, the longest tunnel for cars in the world. Extra trip along a scenic and windy tourist route from Stalheim Hotel is recommended. The town of Lærdal has a famous main street with picturesque old wooden houses. Total 269 km.

An alternative to the Lærdal tunnel is the mountain pass from Aurland to Lærdal. Great views!

- E16 to Vinje, stateway 13 and 55 to Nes Gard. Passing Voss, Vik and over the mountain pass Vikafjellet. Crossing the Sognefjord with ferry from Vangsnes to Hella. Don’t miss the huge statue of the Viking King Fridtjov at Vangsnes. Total 254 km.

- E16 to the port of Gudvangen. (151 km) From Gudvangen take a ferry voyage of 3 hours through the famous Nærøyfjord, UNESCO listed. From Kaupanger to Nes Gard, passing Sogndal (44 km).

For planning your driving in Norway: or Google maps.

public transport + car hire

Train from Oslo or Bergen to Flåm, following the magnificent Flåm Railway down to the fjord. Express boat to Leikanger in the afternoon, where you can rent a car at the quay. From there a drive of 50 minutes to Nes Gard along route 55. Ask for more details.

Express boat - express buses – plane

BOAT: Boat connection from Bergen towards Sogndal twice a day.
BUS: Daily service to Sogndal from Oslo, Bergen, Lillehammer and Ålesund.
PLANE:  Daily service to Sogndal Airport from Oslo and Bergen.
Local bus from Sogndal til Nes Gard (Høyheimsvik).
Car hire office in Sogndal.
Please ask for more information.



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