Hiking in the Fjord district

At the far end of The Sognefjord you will find some of the most spectacular mountain areas of Norway: Breheimen, Jostedalen and Sognefjellet mountains. Nes Gard is located in the middle of these and is a popular base for hikers. 
The landscape of the Norwegian Fjords offers perfect conditions for walking and more challenging hiking. Follow well-marked trails through green and lush areas, with waterfalls, rivers, lakes and panoramic views.

We can advise you which tours that are suitable for your level of fitness and experience. You may choose from30 different marked trails in our neighborhood. Climb peaks for panorama views or walk in green valleys.

There is a choice of 30 more hikes in Luster!



7 recommended hikes ANd walks in our area

*            Easy walks
* *         Middle easy walks
* * *      Full day hikes

1. Molden. 4 hours round trip. **

The mountain Molden is situated on a peninsula, out in the Lusterfjord.
At the top you will get a panoramic view to the fjord, Jostedal Glacier and the mountain peeks of Jotunheimen. You will follow a well-marked trail all the way.


2. Vigdalen – Navarsete – Engedalen. 5 timer. ***

Transport to the starting point in Vigdalen, which is close to Jostedalen. The hike passes the mountain farm Vigdalstøl and the top Fivlenosi, 1200 m. above sea level. You will get a nice view of the Jostedal Glacier. Down through the green valley of Engedalen. 
Transport back to Nes Gard.


3. Jostedal Glacier, 3 hours.   The valley of Krundalen, 3 hours. *

The most frequently visited attraction in the district is Nigardsbreen. This is a part of the Jostedal Glacier, the largest glacier on the European continent. You can cross Nigardsvatnet by boat and get right up to the glacier. 
If you chose to do a short glacier hike with a guide you will have time to end the day by walking up the valley Krundalen to Bergsetbreen. This glacier drops sheer down the mountain side, an awesome sight.
You can also stop at Breheimsenteret, a National Park Visitor's Center. The visitor center gives you an insight into several thousand years of natural and cultural history of the glacier.


4. Feigumfossen waterfall.  4-5 hours *

This is one of the highest waterfalls in Norway with a vertical drop of 218 m. The walk to the waterfall is in itself a thrill. In the afternoon you can visit Urnes Stave Church, Norway's oldest stavechurch. Finally, take the ferry across Lusterfjord to Solvorn, a village with great arcitecture and atmosphere. Gallery Walaker at Walaker Historic Hotel is recommended. 
A drive of 20 minutes back to Nes Gard.


5. Mørkrisdalen. 5 hours roundtrip. ***

There is a saying that Mørkrisdalen is one of Southern Norway´s most spectacular valleys. The river and the water here are one of few untouched and undeveloped rivers in western Norway. You will walk along a mighty river with many scenic waterfalls.
Start point: 30 minutes by car from Nes Gard.


6. Sognefjellet mountainpass

There are many hiking routes from the top of the highest mountain pass in Norway for cars, 1460 meter above sea level. Trails with great view to peaks and glaciers.
Start point: 1 hour drive by car from Nes Gard.


7. Navarsete. 3, 4 or 5 hours

Navarsete is our old summer farm in Breheimen National Park. The old building is now used as a self service cabin for hikers, rented out through the DNT hiking association of Norway. From the cabin you will find many alternative hiking possibilities, lasting from 3 to 6 hours. Start point: 15 minutes by car from Nes Gard.



With stays between 3-7 days we offer special hiking packages.
On arrival we will orientate you about all the different options the area has to offer, we will provide descriptions and maps for each hike.
For groups we can offer a package with private local guide and transfer with our van.