recommened excursions by car

With Nes Gard as a base, we recommend these all day excursions

1. Round trip of Lusterfjord
2. Nærøyfjord
3. Jostedal Glacier valley
4. Sognefjellet mountain pass

1. Round trip of the Lusterfjord – The Romantic Road

Solvorn village - Urnes Stave Church – Feigumfossen waterfall – Skjolden - Dale Church

This is one of our most popular excursions. Short distance to drive and with many great attractions along the route. In the small beautiful village of Solvorn, you can visit Gallery Walaker before you take the ferry across the fjord to Urnes Stave Church. This is the oldest stave church of Norway, built in 1130, and is UNESCO listed.

When on the other side drive towards Skjolden at the end of the fjord. Along the route you can stop at Feigumfossen waterfall, one of the highest waterfalls of Norway with a vertical drop of 218 meter. An uphill walk of 30 minutes will bring you close to this waterfall.
From Skjolden you go back to Nes Gard on the other side of the fjord. We also recommend a stop at Dale church in Luster from 1250, our local “cathedral”.



With a ferry from Kaupanger in the morning you can enjoy a voyage of three hours through the narrow and spectacular UNESCO listed Nærøyfjord to the port of Gudvangen.
From Gudvangen you have the choice of two different routes back to Nes Gard:

a) After 30 minutes on route E16 you turn right over Vikafjellet mountain pass, with scenic and great views. From Vangsnes you have to cross Sognefjord by ferry before you go back to Nes Gard, passing the town of Sogndal.

b) Follow E16 in the direction of Flåm, where you can make an extra excursion with the famous Flåm Railway and you can visit the railway museum. From the village Aurland there is a scenic route over a mountain pass to Lærdal, where we recommend a walk on the main street to see the well-kept architecture from the 1800th century. You may also visit Lærdal Salmon information center.
From Lærdal you follow route 5 to the town Sogndal and the then back to Nes Gard.


3. Jostedalen glacier valley

When staying at Nes Gard your are close to one of our most famous attraction, Jostedal Glacier. This is the biggest glacier on Europe mainland.
You can start the day with a trip to the glacier arm Bergsetbreen, where a fascinating wall of ice covers the steep mountain. From the car park you can follow a trail to get more close to the glacier.
Further up in Jostedal valley you will get to the lake Nigardsbrevatnet. Here you can park your car and either walk or take a boat crossing the lake to the glacier. A walk of 20 minutes will bring you close to the impressive blue ice of Nigardsbreen.


This center gives you information about the National Park through its exhibitions and films. The reception gives information about glacier hikes and walks, which you can book here. In the center there are a souvenir shop and a cafeteria. More information: www.jostedal.com


4. Sognefjellet mountain pass

From Nes Gard your will pass Skjolden, the innermost place of the Sognefjord. 204 km from the Atlantic Ocean. Shortly after the winding road up toward Turtagrø and Sognefjellshytta will start. Sognefjellshytta is located on the top this mountain pass, the highest pass possible to cross by car in Norway. Along the route there are many places to stop with great view over the peaks and glaciers in Jotunheimen national park.
You may take a walk into this national park or you can go on to the village of Lom, an historic village on the other side of the mountain pass. This road is going up to an attitude of 1400 meter and in May – July there will still be lots of snow along the route.