Fjord RIB Adventure

Join Adventure Tours Norway in Skjolden on a “Fjord RIB Adventure. Feel the breeze in your hair and enjoy beautiful views of the fjord, mountains and waterfalls in the company of a local guide.

Set out from Skjolden and ride along the Lustrafjord, with fine views of farms and villages where people have lived and worked for centuries. Short stops at different attractions along the way make it possible to take photos and listen to local history. One of the highlights is the view of the stunning 218 metre hugh Feigefossen waterfall. If you are lucky, curious porpoises and fjord seals could show up near the RIB to greet you!

-          An easy 1 hour tour. Warm floating suit with hood, life jacket and wind goggles included.
-          Season: May-October.

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