Glacier hikes


Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier on the continent of Europe with an extent of 100 km and 15 km wide. The glacier has for a long time been regarded an attractive area for walkers and hikers. For many of our guests, a guided walk on the glacier is one of the highlights during their stay.


The experienced glacier guides at Nigardsbreen offer a wide range of well-organized hikes with all needed equipment included. They offer one hour family tours, and two or three hours glacier walks from June to September. More information:


Local guides will take you to this remote and non touristic area of the glacier. The trip will start with a 15 min. RIB boat ride on the lake,  continued by ahike to the glacier.  You will have about two hours on the blue ice and they will provide you with necessary equipment. 
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Glacier excursions

You may also enjoy the view of the most impressive glacier arms on your own by car.


The well-known glacier Nigardsbreen is a glacial outcrop branch of the big plateau. After 45 min. drive from Nes Gard, you can park at the lake infront of the glacier. A short boat trip of 5 minutes or a walk of about 20 minutes will bring you close to the blue ice.


In the neighbor valley of Nigardsbreen you find the fascinating Bergset Glacier. A wall of blue ice covers the steep mountain. After a walk of about 1 hour in a charming valley, you will get quite close to this impressive glacier.


The center is located in Jostedalen, and offers wonderful views of the Nigardsbreen glacier. The center shows you information about the National Park through its exhibitions and films.  The reception gives information about glacier hikes and walks, souvenir shop and a cafeteria. 
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Bicycle tours

Countryside daytrip by bicycle.

Take your car to Solvorn and pick up your rental bike from Eplet. From here you can either take the short ferry over to the south side of the Fjord and Urnes Stave Church or find your way up to Hafslo lake and bicycle to Veitastrond or Tungestølen. When you are in Solvorn you can also visit Gallery Walaker.

The romantic route – South side of the Lusterfjord

Bring your bicycle and take the short ferry  trip from Solvorn to Urnes. Make sure you visit Urnes Stave Church that is listed on UNESCO´s World Heritage List. The bicycle trip starts on a quite countryside road with the fjord on one side and tall mountains on the other. After a while you will reach the starting point for the 30 minutes hike up to Feigumfossen waterfall, one of the highest waterfalls of Norway.
You can make this bicycle trip to a half day or whole day excursion, turn around back to the ferry as you prefer.

To Veitastrond – Tungestølen

From Hafslo you will bicycle along the lake through a narrow valley surrounded by tall mountains and nature.  After 30 km the valley gets wider and you arrive in Veitastrond, one of the most remote village in our district. You can make the trip longer by continue towards the mountain farm Tungestølen.
Hafslo – Veitastrond : 30 km
Veitastrond – Tungestølen: 12 km

Bike & Hike to Drivande Waterfall

Join Adventure Tours Norway in Skjolden on a biking and hiking tour through the natural- and cultural landscapes of the Mørkrid valley, and get close to the impressive Drivande waterfall.

The tour starts from Skjolden and continues through the peaceful Mørkrid valley by bicycle. The guide will show old pictures and tell about daily life in the valley, the moving of cattle and goats to spring and summer pastures, and efficient use of land and animals. After about seven kilometers of biking, you continue on foot up to the impressive Drivande waterfall. The hike lasts approximately 30 minutes at a leisurely pace on a rocky uphill path. At Drivande waterfall you sit down to rest and taste some flatbread and cured meat while you enjoy beautiful views and listen to the sound of the waterfall.

- An easy/moderate 3-3,5 hours combined tour. Bicycle, helmet and taste sample included.

- Recommended equipment: Good walking shoes, clothing for the weather conditions, rain jacket and a water bottle.

- Season: May-September

Adventure Tours also offers individual bike rental if you would like to explore the area on your own.
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Kayak tour on the Lusterfjorden with guide.

The company: Fjord Seal
Meeting point: Marifjora, 7 km from Nes Gard.
When: May-September

Fjord Seal offers a four hours tour that gives you a good opportunity to experience the nature in Luster with panorama view over the landscape. They have steady kayaks for one or two persons, possible for all skill levels. You have the opportunity to meet seals and porpoises up close.
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Kayak on Styggevatet lake + Glacier walk

The company: IceTroll
Meeting point: Breheimsenteret / Breheim center
When: July- October, depending on ice. 

Icetroll offers a full day trip with a combination of kayak tour and glacier walk. The trip is possible from July when the lake has de-frosted. You will kayak on the glacier lake with the glacier calving into the sides of the lake.  After a while you will leave the kayaks and walk on the glacier.  They will provide you with necessary ice equipment.  Remember to wear woolen clothing! More information:


Nes Gard has kayaks for rent and you can make kayak tours from our pier, exploring Lusterfjord.



The company: IceTroll
Meeting point: Breheimssenteret/ Breheim center

Meet at Breheimsenteret in Jostedal Valley. You will pass wild and beautiful nature, narrow gorges and more open spaces. Outstanding mountain scenery along the whole tour. The trips are for about three hours and they offer different difficulty levels.
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Fjord RIB Adventure

Join Adventure Tours Norway in Skjolden on a “Fjord RIB Adventure. Feel the breeze in your hair and enjoy beautiful views of the fjord, mountains and waterfalls in the company of a local guide.

Set out from Skjolden and ride along the Lustrafjord, with fine views of farms and villages where people have lived and worked for centuries. Short stops at different attractions along the way make it possible to take photos and listen to local history. One of the highlights is the view of the stunning 218 metre hugh Feigefossen waterfall. If you are lucky, curious porpoises and fjord seals could show up near the RIB to greet you!

-          An easy 1 hour tour. Warm floating suit with hood, life jacket and wind goggles included.
-          Season: May-October.

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